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Country Homes & A Giveaway!

One of my favorite bits of research for A Lady’s Guide to Mischief and Murder was finding just the right British manor to use as a model for Risings, the country home of the Hazeltons—the Earls of Hartfield. Nothing says … Continue reading

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Summer Book Fun

I know it’s not officially summer yet, but June has always meant summer to me. Due to the pandemic, this one may be a little different. I hope those of you still stuck at home are hanging in there and … Continue reading

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Introducing Daisy Price

Since we celebrated Mother’s Day between my May posts, I thought I’d use this post to introduce Daisy Price. She’s my sleuth, Frances’ mom. The Countess of Harleigh mysteries are based loosely on the lives of the American heiresses who … Continue reading

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Introducing P.I. Kelly Pruett

One of the best friends a writer can have is a critique partner. They’ve seen your best work and your worst. And then there’s the work you think is your best until they very gently, but persistently, help you to … Continue reading

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I’m home all day, so why am I not getting any work done?

Greetings from my home/workplace in Arizona! Last time I posted that staying home really isn’t a hardship for me since I already work from home and tend to be a homebody anyway. Looking back on the past month, I had … Continue reading

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Books to Keep You Home

I’ve always been a homebody. For me, there really is no place like home. Before I retired, I spent many a Michigan winter hunkered down at home, never leaving the house except for essentials, like work or food. Home was … Continue reading

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A Virtual Authors’ Panel

I should be at the Tucson Festival of Books today, talking books with fellow readers and writers. Instead, due to Coronavirus, the festival was cancelled, and like most of you, I’m hunkering down at home. However, one of my panels … Continue reading

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Juggling Through February

A writer’s life often involves a lot of juggling, and apparently, so does the month of February. This short month had me juggling work on five different books. I know many authors do that, but since I write one book … Continue reading

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A Debut in the Midst of a Feud

As if a young American heiress didn’t have enough to worry about when making her debut in London society, Virginia Bonynge had to make her splash while her parents were in the midst of a feud with another prominent American … Continue reading

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Titles and Covers and Blurbs (Oh my!)

Sometimes coming up with a book title can be more difficult than coming up with a story. When I sold the Countess of Harleigh series to Kensington, I knew book three would take place amid the events surrounding Frances’ sister, … Continue reading

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