Cover Reveal!

I just returned from a fabulous research trip which I will share next month. This month, I have some art for you!

It seems so early to do a cover reveal for a book that won’t be out for eight more months, but I’ve seen it up on some of the online retailers’ sites so if I want any element of surprise, it’s time to reveal the cover of A NEWLYWED’S GUIDE TO FORTUNE AND MURDER!

Do you like it? There is so much going on, which makes sense because the plot is positively diabolical! I had so much fun writing it and I hope you love it. Here’s what the book is about:

With her new husband George busy on a special mission for the British Museum, Frances has taken on an assignment of her own. The dowager Viscountess Winstead needs someone to sponsor her niece, Kate, for presentation to Queen Victoria. Frances—who understands society’s quirks and constraints as only an outsider can—is the perfect candidate.

Kate is charming and intelligent, though perhaps not quite as sheltered as she might first appear. More worrying to Frances is the Viscountess’s sudden deterioration. The usually formidable dowager has become shockingly frail, and Frances suspects someone may be drugging her. The spotlight falls on Kate, who stands to inherit if her aunt passes, yet there are plenty of other likely candidates within the dowager’s household, both above and below stairs.

Joining forces with her beloved George, Frances comes to believe that the late Viscount, too, was targeted. And with the dowager seeming to be in greater danger every day, they must flush out the villain before she follows in her husband’s footsteps, directly to the grave . . .

A Newlywed’s Guide to Fortune and Murder releases June 27, 2023, quite a while from now, I know, but if you’re an early shopper, I’m including some links below.

Amazon US

B & N


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5 Responses to Cover Reveal!

  1. Ros Stillman says:

    Love the cover and can’t wait for for this.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. sandieherron says:

    The title is terrific and fits into the series well. The cover is great as well. I was immediately curious who the older woman was, wondering if she was someone’s mother. This sounds like a delightful book, and I’m looking forward to it.


  3. Enid says:

    Love the cover and title! I’m almost done with ” “Bride”, so I’m excited for this.


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