The Victorian Life

I’ve been off social media and laying low for the past few weeks. My back surgery was successful and now that I’m out of the hospital and back home, my life feels a little like that of a Victorian lady.

Have you ever wondered how it felt to spend all day, every day in a corset? I don’t wonder any longer. My back brace is pretty much the same thing. It fastens in front with Velcro, then you pull out those little handles to tighten the laces in back. (see pic below) I’m supposed to wear it “comfortably snug” but the problem is that what’s comfortably snug in the morning feels like a torture device by the afternoon, and while it provides me with much-needed stability, I can’t wait to get rid of it. Three more weeks sounds like a nightmare, but I think it will become more comfortable as my incision heals. For the record, I have no problem breathing in it, but that’s also because I’m not moving around like a ball of fire these days. A Victorian fainting couch would be perfect because I am still SO TIRED all the time!

Tired or not, I must walk! Because I’m a little wobbly, I’m not allowed out without my footman—okay, it’s really my husband, but he’s there to keep my on my feet and carry things for me. And while this isn’t particularly a Victorian notion, he’s been stuck cleaning up after me which is perfectly ironic. I realized shortly after we were married that I apparently signed up for walking along behind him with a mop and a dust rag. He doesn’t move without a cup of coffee in his hand and the coffee almost never stays in the cup. Trash doesn’t go into the trash can. It goes on the counter next to the trash can. He has a similar affliction with laundry and the laundry basket.

Well, I am unintentionally getting my revenge. The first two weeks after surgery my hand-eye coordination was really off. I dropped, spilled, or knocked over everything! AND I’m not allowed to bend over, so guess who has to pick up behind me? (No, I don’t find this humorous at all!) I’m also amazed at how many times I can miss the wastebasket.

Dan has actually been great, but I am getting really restless which I think means I’m feeling better!

Aside from walking, dropping things, and sleeping, I’ve done quite a bit of reading since I came home. Here are a few of the books I really enjoyed!

Just One Damned Thing After Another by Jodi Taylor

This is the first book in the Chronicles of St Mary’s series and was recommended in a historical group I’m in. It’s not historical, however, but time travel. I think it was mentioned as a series that ought to be a movie and boy, do I agree. The main character, Madeline Maxwell is recruited by St Mary’s Institute of Historical Research not just to study history but to visit it. These historians go back in time to gather information about huge events in history. For anyone who loves history or has gotten lost in historical research this is your series! The events and images come alive on the page and of course things rarely go according to plan. It’s pure historical adventure! The first book was wonderful and I intend to go back for more. I highly recommend it!

Lyin’ Eyes by Julie Mulhern

I started reading Julie Mulhern’s Country Club Murders series in 2020 and they were just the thing to get me out of a reading slump. Lyin’ Eyes is book 13, so I caught up quickly, easy to do because they are fast-paced humorous who-dun-it’s with a cast of delightful characters. The series takes place in the 1970s among the country club class in Kansas City, MO and feature main character, Ellison Russell, who seems to be cursed with the ability to find dead bodies everywhere she goes. This time she finds a pair of them just before her wedding to detective Anarchy Jones. Fortunately, he passes the case off to his partner. Unfortunately, Ellison becomes a suspect. Between solving the case, preparing for the wedding, and dealing with uncooperative family members, this book just keeps the mystery and the laughs coming!

Infamous by Minerva Spencer

This book brings all my favorite literary things together! There’s a historical setting, Christmas in England, a bit of a mystery, and romance times two! I love Minerva Spencer’s historical romance because she can be counted on to bring certain things—witty dialog, believable characters, and a bit of adventure. I don’t know if it’s because of the dual romance in this book or if it’s because of Christmas, but there’s just something extra in this story that makes it my favorite in the series!

Next up for me is Her Name is Knight by Yasmin Angoe

The main character, Nena Knight is billed as a female Jason Bourne and I’m eager to dig in to this one! The book doesn’t release until November 1st, but it’s an Amazon Prime First Reads selection this month. If you’re a Prime member, you are part of the First Reads program. Check it out!

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