Summer Book Fun

I know it’s not officially summer yet, but June has always meant summer to me. Due to the pandemic, this one may be a little different. I hope those of you still stuck at home are hanging in there and those who are getting back to work, or never stopped working, please take care.
For the past two years, June has also meant a new book release for me, but this year the date was moved to July. So, it’s not officially book release time yet either, but as a creature of habit, I still set up some promotional fun for June. I hope you have some fun with it too!

If you are on Facebook or Instagram, are you following First Chapter Fun? This is a group run by the fabulous authors Hannah Mary McKinnon and Hank Phillippi Ryan.2020-06-11 Dianne Freeman Twitter post Every Tuesday and Thursday they read the first chapter of a new book. What a great way to learn about new releases and decide if you want to read them! I’m thrilled to say on June 11th at 11:30 EDT Hank Phillippi Ryan will be reading the first chapter of A Lady’s Guide to Mischief and Murder! If you miss the live event, I’ll be holding a watch party on my page that you can watch at your convenience.

Here are the links for both Instagram and the Facebook group.

This is just a silly thing, but I love it. Since my husband and I have been stuck at home for awhile now, we’ve joined the puzzle craze. Here’s a small one I made using the cover of my upcoming book. I’m hoping if you click on the link below it will take you to Jigsaw Planet where you can put the puzzle together. In case it fails, I’ll also have it on my author Facebook page.

preview35pieceMischief and Murder

Finally, some good news for anyone who has yet to read A Lady’s Guide to Gossip and Murder. My publisher has put the e-book on sale for $2.99 for the entire month of June! Having said that, various retailers will have it on sale at different times of the month and they aren’t sharing their schedules. Crazy, I know, but it will be on sale somewhere all month, so if you go to Amazon and see it for full price, check out B&N or Kobo.
Here are some of the links:




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