Introducing P.I. Kelly Pruett

Coffee cookies and a good book

Coffee, cookies, and a good book!

One of the best friends a writer can have is a critique partner. They’ve seen your best work and your worst. And then there’s the work you think is your best until they very gently, but persistently, help you to see that it really isn’t working and should be cut. A CP is there for the good days and the bad days. They celebrate and commiserate. And as a CP, you do the same for them.

For me and my CP, Mary Keliikoa, it’s time to celebrate.

In less than two weeks, Mary will release her debut mystery novel, Derailed! I couldn’t be happier if it were happening to me! I’ve known her protagonist, Kelly Pruett for quite some time now—I’ve even read book two in the series—and I can’t wait for readers to meet this tough, relatable, private investigator and see how she rises to the challenge of her first solo investigation.

Mary casual

Mary Keliikoa

Here’s my review of Derailed:

“After years of helping her late father with his private detective business, Kelly Pruitt is working her first solo case while juggling life as a single mom with a clingy ex-husband and a bossy ex-mother-in-law. The case was closed by the police as accidental death by commuter train, but the mother of the victim isn’t convinced. Neither is Kelly once she digs into the shady lifestyle of the victim.
As the investigation reveals more of the victim’s secret life, it brings to light the secrets Kelly’s father kept from her. The deeper she digs, the more her personal and professional lives converge until they meet in a very satisfying conclusion. Can’t wait for Kelly’s next case!”

Derailed releases May 12th! You can find out more about Mary or pre-order Derailed Here!

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5 Responses to Introducing P.I. Kelly Pruett

  1. Excited for Mary’s new book…. and your third one coming out.

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  2. Mary Keliikoa says:

    Oh, thank you Dianne! You had me crying. You have certainly seen Kelly Pruett grow up and all of your support and CPing has helped me become a better writer. I couldn’t ask for a better friend. Hugs! xoxo

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