A Year of Wonder and Gratitude

Happy New YearWith the launch of my debut novel, 2018 was an incredible year for me. Publishing a book comes with the privilege of writing acknowledgements; thanking those people who helped see the book through to fruition. But I wrote them so early in the process, I had no idea how many people would be there to help with promotions, marketing, support, advice, and kind words though the launch and beyond. So, this is an addendum to my acknowledgements for A Lady’s Guide to Etiquette and Murder.

Thanks to my friends and family who traveled a minimum of 30 minutes through Michigan road construction—some coming from across the state—to spend a beautiful, summer afternoon indoors, to listen to me speak, yet again, about my book. You made my launch party an experience I’ll never forget!

Thanks to Robin Agnew for taking a chance on a brand-new author and letting me hold my launch party at Aunt Agatha’s Mystery Bookshop. And thanks to Sarah Zettel for recommending A Lady’s Guide to Robin.

Thanks to my new friends and fellow debut authors at Authors ’18. From celebrating one another’s achievements to crying on one another’s shoulders, to promoting one another’s work, this group was proof I wasn’t alone in either my triumphs or travails. I’ll keep cheering for you through 2019 and beyond!

Thanks to fellow writers and bloggers who allowed, or invited me, to guest post on their (much larger) platforms. To those who interviewed me or provided content for my blog by allowing me to interview them.

Thanks to reviewers and readers who found enjoyment in A Lady’s Guide and were kind enough to share their thoughts on Goodreads, Bookbub, and elsewhere across social media, and even directly with me. The reason writers write is to connect with readers and hearing that I have, just makes my day.

Thanks to the man pictured above; my husband, Dan for sharing this experience with me. 2018 truly was an incredible year. I hope I’ll always look back on it with the wonder and gratitude I feel now.

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