Review of The Frame-Up and Interview with Meghan Scott Molin

Meghan Scott Molin’s debut novel, The Frame-up releases today! I had the opportunity to read an advance copy and interview Meghan, so on my blog today I have both a review and interview.

The Frame-Up (my ranking—5 Stars!)theframeupcover
What a fun book! A clever mystery combined with a rom-com, The Frame-Up ticked all my boxes for a satisfying read–a witty, relatable sleuth, quirky secondary characters, interesting setting, rapid pace, mystery, and mayhem! I know nothing about the comic-con culture and it doesn’t matter. If you like mystery, fun, and light romance, read this book!

DF: Hi Meghan, thanks for visiting today! The Frame-Up was such a unique and entertaining story. How did you come up with the idea?
MSM: As cliché as it sounds, I had a dream about my best friend directing a squad of Drag Queen models through San Diego Comic Con to catch a killer. I woke up (literally) laughing out loud, told my husband and we both agreed I needed to write it down. It evolved into a story in my head, and BOOM. MG Martin et al were born!

DF: I really loved the protagonist, MG and her witty/snarky asides. Do you have a favorite character from the book?
MSM: Lawrence is my favorite. I identify with his love of Broadway show tunes, and his love of sequins! He’s such a complex and layered character, he’s been a ton of fun to write.

DF: Lawrence is pretty fantastic, in fact your secondary characters are all colorful. Are any based on real people in your life?
MSM: Wellllll…MG bears a physical and nerdy resemblance to one of my best friends, but is sort of an amalgamation of all the nerdy women I know. MAYBE one of the bad guys is modeled after someone who did a friend wrong, but I’m not telling, hahaha.

DF: This is your debut novel. Can you share with us how it all came together?
MSM: I started this book in March of 2016. By August I’d finished it and queried a small sample of agents with several R+Rs… I entered #pitchwars in August of 2016 and the rest is history! I re-wrote it for #pitchwars, and then again for my agent before sub. I think after editing for my publisher, this book has gone through at least 5 major revisions!

DF: Well, I definitely enjoyed the finished product! What’s next for you?
MSM: I am wrapping up edits on Book 2 for my editor and plotting Book 3!meghanscottmolin

Good to hear there will be more! Here’s a little background about Meghan, how to connect with her on social media, and how to buy The Frame-UP! Plus, a giveaway!

Meghan Scott Molin loves all kinds of storytelling. After studying architecture and opera at college, she worked as a barn manager before becoming a professional photographer. The Frame-Up is her first published book. An avid lover of all the nerd things—Star Wars, Star Trek, hobbits, Doctor Who, and more—Meghan also enjoys cooking, dreaming of travel, coveting more corgis, and listening to audiobooks in the barn. She lives in Colorado with her husband (and fellow zookeeper), her sons, two horses, a cat, and a rambunctious corgi. For more information about Meghan, visit her website at or follow her on Twitter (@megfuzzle), FaceBook, or Instagram.

Purchase the Frame-Up

And here’s the giveaway! (Link to Giveaway on FaceBook)

BOOK BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY! To celebrate THE FRAME-UP’s official book birthday, I’m giving away a signed/annotated (with neat stories and notes inside the book!) hardcover AND a super sweet WW tin lunchbox that is packed (packed!) with nerdy things that MG would love. It’s like she packed it herself! You have to “like” my author page, like the post, and share it to enter from facebook! You also get an entry if you like/retweet my twitter post (@megfuzzle) or my IG post! (@meghanscottmolinauthor). Contest ends December 6!

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