Release Party!

The release party for A Lady’s Guide to Etiquette and Murder at Aunt Agatha’s Mystery  Bookshop in Ann Arbor, Michigan was so much fun! We had books and cake, cocktails and appetizers, readers and friends, but the big hit of the party were the life-size characters from the book cover–Lady Harleigh and her anonymous villain! Di and cutouts

Apologies to those of you reading this on the Goodreads blog. The pictures never come across and this post is all about the pictures. If you want to take a look this link will take you directly to this post on my site.

Robin Agnew could not have been a better host, organizing the event, a fun Q&A, then on to cake, and book signing!

Author - Dianne Freeman

signing and line

Author - Dianne Freeman

While this looks totally normal from my side of the pen, this is my first glimpse of how left-handed writing looks to others! I’ll admit, it’s a little strange!

Then on to the after party around the corner at the Arbor Brewing Company–and more fun with the cutouts!

Tim as villain

Thanks to everyone who attended and helped to make it a great release party!

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